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Treatment, Education, and Research of the Spine
•Best course I’ve been to in over 20 yrs and 75 courses.  J.G., PT

•I don’t believe in 22 years of practice I have ever given all “Excellent” scores on a Post-Course Critique, until now (18:18).

•In 35 years as a PT, this is the first continuing ed. course I have attended that I was sorry to see end.

•This is absolutely the most helpful, useful continuing education course I have attended in 31 years of
practice.  This is not flattery!  The line of clinical reasoning, decision making, objectivity of evaluation,  documentation, treatment based upon scientifically supported methods, objective findings, and the    
emphasis on patient responsibility and independence, are all consistent with the direction our profession is trying to go.  This course should be taught in all PT schools.  Great job.

•I have been a PT for 10 years, and I am amazed that something so obvious as this is not more “out there”.  What a shame!  (Angelo - clone yourself).

from Post-Course Critiques of the most experienced practitioners, the group whose opinions we value the most!
Written Comments
Strategic Orthopedics was a great course.  It includes both didactic and practical information, and sets a great foundation for the practicing therapist.  As a physician, I was impressed by the review of the literature supporting the concepts taught.  I would recommend this course to any therapist and I think most spine physicians would find it enlightening.  V. Johnson, MD.

This is the best CE course I've attended of the 30+ courses over my career.  I look forward to the next 20+ years of my practice using this material.  Thank you for all you've done for our PT profession. VH, PT, Cert. MDT

In my 25 yrs. practicing PT, this is by far the most valuable and best taught course I've attended.  It will likely revolutionize my approach to treating my LB patients.

This was the best & most objective, comprehensive, & organized conference I have attended in 24 yrs.!

•This course has been the most helpful to my practice that I have been to in 12 yrs.  It is organized,
  researched based, and an easy to apply system that makes sense.  Thank you.  M.S. PT, ATC

Angelo, you are a pioneer in our profession.  Of all the courses I have attended over my 26 years as a PT, yours are consistantly the BEST, with 100% immediate clinical applicability.  You use logic and reason with research to back it up - no "HOCUS POCUS"!  You are a gift to this profession.  Keep spreading the word and you will make us all "look good" as therapists.  This should be the primary headache intervention for all headache patients.  Thank you again.  K.B., PT.

•I have not been this excited about a course in over 10 yrs.  I’ve always wanted to work with back pts., but felt I  
  did not know enough to effectively treat them.  As a result of this course I am considering re-opening my
  outpatient clinic to treat backs only.  I plan on attending ever course you offer.  Thanx for putting a spark
  back into Physical Therapy.

•What a relief I had when you said you can’t “feel” the problem, and the 5 research papers you presented that      
  proved palpation has no intertester reliability confirmed it.  I’ve heard so many therapists (over 10 yrs.) say,
  “Oh, it must be this” because they can feel it.  I put my hands on and feel nothing.  This has always been a
  reason for me not wanting to treat LB patients and your alternative treatment approach is such a breath of
  fresh air to one who has always been fearful of backs.  Thanks!

With all my McKenzie experience (Cert. MDT), including having worked in the clinic with McKenzie
  instructors, I have seen in this course the STEPS to organizing the information which will help me with
  decision making.  I watched “Experts” get better results and better patient compliance, but Angelo showed
  how I can get those same results too.  Thank you!!  Lori, PT, Cert. MDT

•This course has already made a huge impact in my private practice.  Repeating the lumbar course has
  helped refine the small details I was overlooking and restore my ability to focus.

If I could take only 1 course my entire career, this is the one.  After 10 years of depression treating low backs, I have a fresh and exciting perspective on chronic back pain!!  I only wish I could bring back all my patients past and give them a new try.  To all the young therapists I plead, don't wait for years of depression to set in, take the course ASAP!

I felt this was a wonderful course the first time I attended.  I can not tell you how impressed I am having sat through it for the second time.  Every clinician owes it to themselves, and their patients, to take this course more than once!

This is an excellent course.  I appreciate the "common sense" aspect of it.  Angelo is an excellent instructor.  This is the 5th time in over 20 years I've attended a course presented by him.  The information can be applied to the pts. immediately.  (Parts A-C).

•Thanks for the best course in 10 years.

Our profession is fortunate to have Angelo as a "champion" of our need to improve the quality & competence of what we do as PT's.  I have seen a lot of the poor quality care and documentation he refers to and agree that we need to "step up" to prove to the medical profession, lay public, & insurance companies that we are a credible profession. (I have been a PT for >22 years).  (Cert. MDT)

The strategies truly put focus and detail to the forefront.  The Documentation System you've created is outstanding for all involved; patient, therapist, 3rd party payer.  (Dip. MDT).

•I gained so much additional insight for taking this course a second time.  Thank You, Angelo.  You have a

•The systematic approach to back pain management coupled with objective data collection and patient self-
  monitoring will change the manner in which Physical Therapy care is delivered profoundly.  B.T., PT, OCS.

•After 24 yrs. of practice and training with McKenzie, Paris, Sahrman, Kendall, and many others, this is the
  “Missing Piece” that I needed clinically to take me to a higher level of success with back patients.  You
  have taken all the relevant information from the “pioneers” in our field and further refined and developed it into
  an incomparable clinical pathway for the treatment of LBP.  Thank you for devoting your professional life to
  this and also for the personal sacrifice that I know this required.  Karen B., PT, (McK.  A,B).

•I knew this course would be excellent.  Makes me realize I am getting sloppy on the lumbar and will get
  back on track.  Thanks Angelo!  Carol C., PT, (McK. A-D, 37 years experience).

•This is one of the best courses I have been to in my 13 yrs in this profession.  You were very clear in your
  treatment methods and information.  I can’t wait to see how I can work my magic.  Thanks.  C.M.

•I’ve been practicing > 20yrs. and have attended many seminars.  I found your relaxed presentation style,
  fantastic demeanor, and ability to keep on schedule refreshing.  The organization of the lecture, and your
  willingness to treat real patients was most impressive.  I would not hesitate sending my staff to any of your
  future courses.

I have been practicing PT for 20 years, & this is by far the best CEU course I have attended.  I was afraid to leave for unscheduled breaks I needed because I didn't want to miss any information.  All the information presented can be integrated into my current PT medical model. 

•Best course in terms of useful information I’ve taken in 13 years!  Thanks, Jim.

Having been a PT for 14 years, I have attended many back courses in the exhausting attempt to gain the "magic bullet".  Often I would lose faith & confidence in the direction I was going, abandon ship & return to my heavy handed manual skills. This made patients "better" quickly but what were the chances of re-occurrence??  I have been so busy & rushed getting the eval. done that the education I gave to patients was lousy (as I see this now retrospectively).  Education & patient empowerment is the key!!  My money will be best spent on coming to SO II.  --Much Thanks!  (Parts A-D).

•I am encouraged that I might now end my career able to help someone with a back problem have an
  improved life –

•I feel recharged.  After practicing for 17 yrs. I feel I have a lot of new tools to help my patients!  I plan to be
  more confident, spend less time on subjective data and definitely stop / limit my use of modalities and
  unnecessary strengthening / flexibility exercises.  Thank You !

•I am so glad I re-took this course.  It will definitely help me to fine-tune my Rx of LBP patients.  Thank you
  for returning my previous phone calls in the past.  Your passion for treating LBP patients is contagious! 
  Debbie, PT, ATC.

•I came into this cervical course with high expectations due to the excellence of SO I (lumbar), and I was not
  disappointed.  These courses provide me with a sense of empowerment above and beyond anything else I
  have done in my 11 year career.

For the first time ever someone has the confidence to give a "cookbook" on their treatment process.  I appreciate this very much.

This is the only course that I've attended in the last 13 years of my practice which has in a very precise and organized manner, touched on every aspect of clinical practice, ie, evaluation, documentation, patient education, and result orientation.  Emphasis on results and patient self-monitoring strategies are so commendable.  This course has given me the knowledge and tools to help my patients in their work setting.  I look forward to attending your future courses.  Thanks.

This course, I believe, will have had the greatest impact on my treatment skills & efficiency of treating a patient than any other course in my 20 years.  Thank you.  K.C., PTA

Loved the course just as much the 2nd time.  Able to absorb more info. and critique my own treatment patterns.

Increased my confidence level that there is a concise way to treat LBP.  Many times I have felt compelled to do certain treatments which are contrary to my own common sense!

Based upon the recommendation of colleagues, I have really been waiting for this course.  Has been worth the wait.  I have been a PT for 23 years and this is one of the best cervical courses I have taken in that time

THANK YOU!  I have questioned our criteria for back/spine treatment for some time now.  You have given me encouragement that my unwillingness to accept these treatment regimes was warranted.  I will be working now to encourage my peers and referring physicians to be more open to changes!!  Thanks.

Thank you for the integrity you bring to our profession.  (PT-15 years)

In 17 years this was by far a 10/10 for quality of information, practical applicability, and ease of use in my professional repertoire.  Will recommend to all my associates.

I will look forward to the next course and continue to feel this is the best program in my 20 years of work.  My patients & I appreciate the success & quality of life.

After a long career of frustration with my inability to feel confident that my treatments/approaches could consistently help my LB patients, I am excited to implement an approach that truly makes sense to me.