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"Out-Think"  Vertigo (BPPV), Dizziness, Neck Pain & Headache
Mike Secosky, MPT, Vestibular Therapist 
Is one of only 50 spine therapists in the United States recognized by the American BackPain Center.  His advanced training in the cervical spine led to significant changes in inner ear testing, or what Mike refers to as “Respect the Neck/Protect the Neck”. 
These cervical considerations have led Mike to exciting new examination & treatment methods for the inner ear and complimentary treatment techniques for coexisting cervical pathologies.  His totally unique combination of inner ear and cervical testing procedures lead to dramatic and rapid results in the vast majority of patients referred for vertigo, dizziness, balance problems, headaches, migraine and concussion.
Mike currently practices in western Pennsylvania where his growing reputation has well over 100 physicians from various medical disciplines referring him their most challenging vestibular patients.

Prerequisite - NONE.
After years of collaboration, two experts in their fields have come together to present the most comprehensive vestibular course yet.  Angelo DiMaggio, PT, Spine Therapist, and Mike Secosky, MPT, Vestibular Therapist, have combined decades of clinical work and volumes of current research to jointly present a major paradigm shift in cervicogenic dizziness/vestibular rehabilitation.  This shift is the result of a newly discovered sensitivity of cervical structures and recent ground-breaking cervical spine research.  Our greater understanding of the cervical spine’s involvement in vestibular problems has resulted in what we now call “Respect the Neck/Protect the Neck” Inner Ear Testing.

Clinical results on several hundred vestibular, migraine, stroke, post-concussive, and tinnitus patients using the new testing procedures reveals the seldom considered horizontal/lateral canal of the inner ear to be at fault over 80% of the time.  This change in inner ear testing has led to all new inner ear treatment protocols.  You will not only learn the new inner ear testing procedures, treatment protocols, and patient home programs, but also a new application of cervical biomechanics capable of decreasing or abolishing the majority of vestibular patient’s headaches in as little as 1 to 3 visits.  Along with lecture and lab, actual vestibular/cervicogenic dizziness/headache patients will be examined and treated to demonstrate the rapid and dramatic results routinely achieved.

This biomechanical examination results in a cervical home program individually designed to control a vestibular patient’s frequently associated headaches.  As a result, you will be able to resolve your vestibular patient’s vertigo, dizziness, and balance problems, while also relieving their cervical, head, and facial pain.  
Angelo DiMaggio, PT, Spine Therapist 
is a nationally renown lecturer and spine consultant.  For over 30 years his practice has specialized exclusively in the treatment of spinal pain.  Creator of the “Strategic Orthopedics Spine System”, a 6 course spine series (4 of which are devoted solely to the cervical spine), he has conducted over 600, 2-4 day seminars through major medical centers, and has trained over 10,000 medical practitioners.  
New research confirms Mr. DiMaggio’s longstanding contention that cervical pathology routinely refers symptoms to the head & ear thereby confusing the inner ear/vestibular issue and confounding the inner ear examination and treatment. New research also shows the cervical spine and inner ear to be major contributors to post-concussive symptoms (headache & dizziness). 
He is currently president of the American BackPain Center and founder of the American Headache Institute – Head, Neck, and Facial Pain Treatment Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

 Day 1    8 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
 Day 2     9 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.   
Program Outline
Upon completion of this course, participants will understand the following;
Course Objectives
*  Registration 8-9 a.m.
*  Welcome & Introduction
*  Cervical Anatomy & Pathophysiology
*  New Cervical Spine Research Regarding
- Cervical production of head, face & ear symptoms
- Cervical abolishment of head & face symptoms
- The role of the Trigeminal Cervical Nucleus (CNS)
- The role of upper cervical symptom production
- Tinnitus literature review
*  Introduction to  “Respect the Neck/Protect the Neck”   
   Inner Ear Testing - Cervical or Vestibular Dizziness? 
*  Inner Ear (Vestibular) Anatomy & Pathophysiology: Why     it’s the Horizontal not the Posterior Canal  (new    
   prevalence findings).
*  Inner Ear Research – A Literature Review on Canalith    
   Repositioning Techniques (CRT) & Otolith degradation.
*  A new way of mapping symptomatic head, ear, & facial  
*  Proving the neck is involved – the predictive and 
   systematic elimination of ear, eye, head & facial    
*  Cervical Examination of the Vestibular patient
*  Multicenter Clinical Outcome Reports on the Cervical 
   Treatment of;
- Vertigo (BPPV), & dizziness
- Tinnitus 
- Eye pain & visual disturbances
*  “Traditional” Inner Ear Testing & Treatments - Inherent 
   Shortcomings of Dix-Hallpike, CRT Contraindications, &   
   Epley”s Maneuver.
*  New “Respect the Neck/Protect the Neck” Inner Ear 
   Examination Procedures – Application & advantages in 
   distinguishing BPPV from cervical pathology.
*  Clinical Outcomes Report – Results on over 600 patients 
   (both in-patient & out-patient) treated for Benign 
   Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and 
   Headache/Migraine pain.
*  Hands on Lab – Vestibular Examination Procedures
  1. Rhomberg Test
  2. VOR (Vestibular Ocular Reflex) with Gait
  3. Slow VOR
  4. Smooth Pursuit (“H” Test)
*  Cervical Examination of the Vestibular patient
*  Vestibular Patient #1 – Examination & Treatment 
(live demonstration)  (60 min)
*  Vestibular Patient #2 - Examination & Treatment 
(live demonstration) (60 min)
   END  6:00 P.M.


*  Treatment of the Upper Cervical spine - meticulous 
   biomechanical repositioning for rapid relief.
*  Treatment of the Lower Cervical spine - First manually  
   applied, then patient instructed to self-treat headache, 
   ear, and facial pain.
*  Cervical self-treatment for the vestibular/headache patient;
   maintaining relief at home (home program).
*  Hands on Lab – Cervical Treatment Procedures
  1. Performing the upper cervical “Escape” Position
  2. Performing lower cervical Manual Retraction
  3. Instructing patients in lower cervical retraction 
*  New “Respect the Neck/Protect the Neck” Treatment   
   Procedures which clear the ear, check the neck, then 
   “down-regulate” the Trigeminal Cervical Nucleus of the 
*  The role of Gaze Stabilization/Habituation (eye) exercises    to maximize neural plasticity and postural control.
*  Incorporating Cervical Self-Treatment for optimum results 
   with surprising relief of Headache & Migraine pain.
*  Hands on Lab – Vestibular Treatment Procedures
  1. Head thrust
  2. Hand placement for Secosky Maneuver
  3. Cervical hand placement to stop nausea
*  Vestibular Patient #1 – Reexam & Treatment (visit 2)
(live demonstration) (30 min)
*  Vestibular Patient #2 – Reexam & Treatment (visit 2)
(live demonstration) (30 min)
*  New assessment on CVA and Concussion patients for 
   BPPV: Is vestibular ataxia and imbalance delaying their 
*  Clinical Outcomes Report - Results on 82 
   Headache/Migraine patients presenting with vertigo, 
   dizziness, tinnitus & visual disturbances, treated at the 
   American Headache Institute.
*  New assessment on CVA & Concussion patients for 
   BPPV:  Is vestibular ataxia and imbalance delaying their 
*  How to reduce In-patient rehab length of stay for CVA & 
   Concussion patients.
*  How to reduce observation bed cost & hospital stay for 
   acute vertigo patients.
*  Geriatric care for balance & dizziness and stabilize gait, 
   minimize falls, and decrease mortality rates.
*  Case Studies: CVA/Concussion/BPPV/Cervicogenic 
*  Summary : Treatment of the Inner Ear – A New 
   Cervical/Vestibular Approach
*  Open Panel Q & A with Angelo & Mike
*  Conclusion

   END  5:00 P.M.

How new treatment protocols for the inner ear & cervical spine, when performed in proper sequence, have resulted in rapid alleviation of vertigo, dizziness, headache and migraine in the first 1-3 visits for the vast majority of patients.

93% of acute hospitalized vertigo patients are discharged home within 24 hrs. of admission with independent ambulation using these procedures.

The Horizontal/Lateral canal of the inner ear is more prevalent/problematic (>80% of the time) than the posterior canal in BPPV patients. 

The cervical spine/vestibular system  is responsible for the majority of all:
- Vertigo & Dizziness
- Headache & Migraine 
- Tinnitus

The very high prevalence of dizziness among headache patients and headaches among vestibular patients is no coincidence.

The Strategic Orthopedics (SO IV) approach to the cervical spine and inner ear will completely abolish tinnitus in over 50% of all cases in the first 1-3 visits.

New “Respect the Neck/Protect the Neck” inner ear testing:
- Protects the vulnerable structures of the cervical 
 spine and suboccipital region
- Is less stressful on patients (especially the elderly 
 and cervicalgia/migraine sufferers)
- Is easier to perform
- Is more accurate & effective
- Creates new treatment options for both the inner 
 ear & cervical spine

Current research and clinical outcome reports on several hundred vestibular and cervical patients reveals the need to significantly change inner ear testing as a result of new findings in the cervical spine.

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Certificates of attendance will be given to all participants at the conclusion of the course ONLY and may be used for those who need CEU verification.  This course is intended for medical professionals holding the following degrees:  MD, DO, PA, PT, PTA, OTR, DDS, and ATC. 

Refunds will be given, less a $50 administrative fee, if written notice  is received by the Co-Sponsor no later than 14 days prior to the start of the course.

The American BackPain Center reserves the right to cancel any course at any time up to 7 days prior to the course starting date.  We are not responsible for airline ticket purchases or any other expenses incurred as a result of a course cancellation.

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 Fee           $550 if received less than 14 days prior to course
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Instructors:  Angelo DiMaggio, PT  and  Mike Secosky, PT
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