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Strategic Orthopedics II FAST TRACK
Cervical / Thoracic
""Out-Think" and "Out-Maneuver" Cervical / Thoracic Pain
 Day 1    8 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
 Day 3     9 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.   
Program Outline
Registration 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.
Welcome / Objectives 
Anatomy & Pathophysiology
Treatment – The Big Picture, NTF, LGH
Patient Independence
Mechanical vs Chemical
Centralization Analysis & PREP Design
Lunch - 60 min.
Examination Form – Cervical/Head 
Reexamination Form – Cervical/Head
Strategy #1 – Self Monitoring
Strategy #2 – Healing Environment
Strategy #3 – Perception Time
Strategy #4 – Reaction Time
End  6:00 p.m.


Direction of Force – Lab (therapist assist-con’t)
  * Symmetrical Forces – Manually Unloaded Ext 
PREP (Pain Relieving Exercise Programs) Intro.
Direction of Force - Lab (patient assist / PREP) 
  * Symmetrical Forces - Loaded Retrac & Ext 
  * Symmetrical Forces - Unloaded Retrac on Table 
  * Symmetrical Forces - Unloaded Ext. off Table 
Direction of Force - Lab 
(therapist & patient assist / PREP)
  * Asymmetrical Forces - Unloaded 
  * Asymmetrical Forces - Manually Unloaded   
  * Asymmetrical Forces – Loaded  
Lunch - 60 min.
Postural Exercises 
Strategy #10 – Motivation & Compliance
Patient #1 (Visit 2)   
Patient #2 (Visit 2) 
Reinjury Prevention / Tissue Strengthening 
Cervical  Discharge Form 
Summary / Conclusion 
End  5:00 p.m.

             Day 2    9 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. 
Strategy #5 – Awakes with Symptoms
Strategy #6 – Unloading 
Strategy #7 – ADL Modification
Strategy #8 – Workplace Modification
Strategy #9 – Symptoms Upon Rising in AM  
Direction of Force - Intro. 
Direction of Force - Lab (therapist assist)
  * Symmetrical Forces - Loaded Retrac & Ext
  * Symmetrical Forces - Unloaded Retrac on Table Lunch - 60 min.
  * Symmetrical Forces – Unloaded Retrac off Table 
  * Symmetrical Forces – Unloaded Ext
  * Symmetrical Forces - Manually Unloaded Retrac 
Patient #1 - Examination 
Patient #2 - Examination 
Q & A 
End  5:45 p.m.
Prerequisite - NONE

Angelo DiMaggio, PT, Dip MDT, has been employed as a spine consultant by medical centers throughout  North America for the purpose of resolving their most complex and unresponsive cases.   The combined results show that  52% of these cases experienced a significant or complete alleviation of symptoms (as determined by the attending clinician).  These impressive results provide both the motivation and basis for this course and  the entire course series  while the  successful treatment methods employed provide the framework.   You will learn the highly organized examination  and documentation system, as well as new “Spine Strategies” which are the key to resolving complex cases.  You will be given clear, concise clinical guidelines regarding ADL and workplace modifications, how  to motivate  patients  toward  self-reliance, and  many other important topics.  This course will not rely on the theoretical discussion of  hypothetical patients.  Instead, you will get a first-hand look at real patients being examined and treated daily by the instructor.  

In addition to live patient demonstrations, lecture will include “cutting-edge” research on cervical spine assessment and treatment.   Hands-on lab sessions will comprise 50% of days 2 and 3.  This new 3 day cervical/thoracic course was designed to bypass the 4 day lumbar course allowing direct access to the Strategic Orthopedics approach to the cervical spine.  This course then becomes the only prerequisite necessary for those wishing to take the Migraine/TMJ course (SO III). SO III is designed for those wishing to become proficient in  treating  patients  suffering  from  headaches, migraines, TMJ  &  orofacial pain.  Recent research and clinical outcome reports now show that a majority of head and facial pain patients have significant cervicogenic involvement.  
SO II & III gives you the ability to abolish conditions 
such  as TMJ dysfunction, tinnitus, sinusitis, a 
wide array of visual disturbances including
watery eye, dry  eye and blurry vision,
and vertigo & dizziness.  Completion 
of SO II & III opens an exciting 
new field of patient care not
typically treated by allied
health professionals.
Upon completion of this course, participants will understand the following;
Course Objectives
Immediately apply 10 new Lumbar Strategies to Cervical / Thoracic pathologies. 

Learn the Cervical / Thoracic Examination Process using current, scientifically supported methods.

Initiate use of a new, 4 form, Cervical / Thoracic Documentation System, for clear, concise, objective data collection. 

Prescribe patient activated Pain Relieving Exercise Programs (PREP) to promote patient independence through self- treatment.

Astound yourself by frequently reversing your most perplexing thoracic, scapular, TOS patients, and your most resilient carpal tunnel, elbow tendonitis, and shoulder patients, by a detailed cervical screening and treatment process that will leave no doubt as to the True Origin of pain.

Promote patient independence and self-reliance using the 12 keys to Motivation &Compliance.

Relieve Your Fear of handling the head & neck of very acute, extremely sensitive patients using a highly organized examination process with extensive
Precautionary Guidelines to help avoid unwanted flare-ups.

Improve Manual Therapy results through a clearer understanding of patient and technique selection.

Create Reinjury Prevention Programs  specifically developed in accordance with each patient’s proven effective PREP (Pain Relieving Exercise Program) and the controlled application of Wolf’s Law during the
maturation phase of healing.

Recognize the Cost-effective  advantages to third party payers with the American BackPain Center’s zero high tech., zero modality approach.

Course Overview
is an internationally known clinician and lecturer  who has specialized in   
conservative care of the spine for more than 30 years. He has presented at national and international conferences on such spine related topics as Conservative Mechanical Treatment, E.R.Care for Physicians, Manual Therapy,
The McKenzie Approach, Research Analysis, and The Treatment of Cervicogenic Headache. Mr. DiMaggio’s specialization in the spine has placed him in the role of author, editor, course developer, research consultant, and clinical consultant.  He is past chairman of the board and course instructor for the McKenzie Institute.
Creator of the “Strategic Orthopedics Spine System”, a 6 course spine series (4 of which are devoted solely to the cervical spine), he has conducted over 600, 2-4 day seminars through major medical centers, and has trained over 10,000 medical practitioners.   As a clinical consultant, Mr. DiMaggio has spent more than 25 years working one-on-one with therapists and physicians throughout the US and Canada, refining their use of mechanical therapy and resolving each clinic’s most challenging patients. Included are such notable spine centers as the Texas Back Institute, P.R.I.D.E. (Productive Rehabilitation Institute of Dallas for Ergonomics), the Cleveland Clinic, the Fort Worth Back Institute, and the Canadian Back Institute.  This highly intensive training format has led to a compilation of the most common misunderstandings and the most frequently committed clinical errors.  His extensive work in this field combined with his experience as lecturer / seminar instructor, is the cornerstone on which the seminar series is built. He is currently president of the American BackPain Center and founder of the American Headache Institute – Head, Neck, and Facial Pain Treatment Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
Angelo DiMaggio, PT, Spine Therapist
Upon registration, a letter of confirmation including hotel information and a map of the conference area will be sent.  Includes continental breakfast, a.m. & p.m. coffee breaks, course manual.

Certificates of attendance will be given to all participants at the conclusion of the course ONLY and may be used for those who need CEU verification.  This course is intended for medical professionals holding the following degrees:  MD, DO, PA, PT, PTA, OTR, DDS, and ATC. 

The American BackPain Center reserves the right to cancel any course at any time up to 7 days prior to the course starting date.  We are not responsible for airline ticket purchases or any other expenses incurred as a result of a course cancellation.

                      CEU:  21.25   
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