From the Post-Course Critiques of ALL practitioners who attended the S.O. III course and chose to write comments. Their written comments about the seminar are listed below.
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SO III - Migraine / TMJ Course
All Written Comments
My success in treating spine patients since attending the Strategic Orthopedics seminars has prompted several co-workers to attend the S.O. course series. Their response has been overwhelmingly positive and our consistency between therapists has markedly improved.  I can not express how important the Strategic Orthopedics System has been to my career as an outpatient PT.  Angelo DiMaggio PT, Dip MDT backs up his work with research to allow us to use evidence-based practices.  His organization and teaching abilities allow the entire audience to easily follow every detail of how to use this "system" correctly.  In the year between attending S.O. II ( Cerv./Thor.) and S.O. III (Migraine/TMJ), I was often producing headaches in lower cervical patients and could not figure out why.  Angelo taught me how to treat, what was later explained to be, an upper cervical problem.
Since attending S.O. III I have been so overwhelmingly successful in treating headache, migraine, and TMJ patients that our hospital has begun an aggressive marketing campaign to the general public, area physicians, and local news media sources.  I now look forward to physician referrals for headache and migraine patients.
Jill Wenzlick, PT
St. Rita's Medical Center at The Delphos
Ambulatory Care Center
1800 East Fifth Street
Delphos, Ohio   45844
(419) 996-5684
        (Cert. MDT).
"Angelo DiMaggio's Strategic Orthopedics System applies clear thinking to headache/migraine/TMJ problems with a seminar that will absolutely transform your thinking (and your outcomes!).  Over the past 6 months (since attending the SO III Migraine seminar) its effectiveness has been so glaring and exciting that a physician, also amazed by the astounding results, has teamed up with me to create the HEADACHE INSTITUTE OF TEXAS.  That is where I see the future of my private practice.  This is a niche that NO ONE occupies.  Angelo's insight into the cervicogenic biomechanics of headache/migraine/TMJ pain is absolutely unprecedented."  
Jeff Turner, PT, Cert. MDT
President - Headache Institute of Texas
San Antonio, Texas
(210) 402-3834 
“As a pain management physician, I often treat patients with headache, TMJ (jaw) dysfunction, tinnitus, and oral-facial pain. Of all I have tried over the past 20 years (medication/injection/trigger points/manual therapy), I have had my greatest success with the well thought-out approach pioneered by Angelo DiMaggio.  The approach is simple and highly effective but more importantly it empowers pain suffers to take personal responsibility for their care.  I have marveled at the immense success achieved within minutes without drugs, needles, or knives.  No other method of treatment has given my patients such great success”.           
Ricky Lockett, DO
Orthopedic Injury Management - Pain Management Experts  
1501 Fifth Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL.   33705
(727) 896-8686

“No more guess work! 
The Headache/Migraine/TMJ seminar (SO III) is not just icing on the cake.  It is the whole cake!  It is hard to fathom until you see it on the seminar and then in the clinic, but it appears that perhaps 90% or more of all headaches, migraines, and TMJ pain originate in the cervical spine and are mechanical in nature. 

This seminar will show you how to confirm if a patient’s head and face symptoms are coming from the cervical spine – without even touching the patient.  And, if they are, you will learn how to teach your patients self-treatment programs and strategies which can completely abolish their headaches.  This is uncharted territory, unlike any other headache approach.  It’s amazing to watch your worst headache/migraine sufferers knock out their symptoms in minutes, often on the first visit.
I cannot recommend these seminars more highly.  Hands down, I believe them to be the premiere spine seminars of our time.  My spine center sponsored a seminar this past year and it received unanimous approval (98% score) from our four Certified Spine Therapists who attended.  I feel certain you will derive as much benefit from these seminars as my certified co-workers and I have.
Please feel free to write or call me with any questions”.
Adam Johnson, PT, Cert. MDT    
Carle Spine Institute    610 N. Lincoln Ave.   
Urbana, IL  61801 
(217) 383-7042
“Our foundation for treating patients with head, neck, and facial/TMJ pain was provided by the cervical
examination and treatment system developed by spine therapist Angelo DiMaggio.  We spend our days systematically reducing and often abolishing patients’ symptoms, typically on the first visit.  Over 5 years and 1,800 patients have taught us that the vast majority of headache and facial pain patients have underlying cervical pathology.  Our patients have been able to capitalize on the life-changing opportunity this new system affords”.
Nasha Holt, MD           
Headache Institute of Texas 
400 N. Loop 1604  Ste. 345                 
San Antonio, Tx.   78232