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Treatment, Education, and Research of the Spine
This one day seminar is designed to help dentists and hygienists understand the spines’ prominent role in the production of numerous pain syndromes which both they and their patients suffer from. The occupational hazard of bending over dental patients, protruding the head and neck forward and rotating to one side, puts tremendous, unrelenting strain on pain-sensitive cervical and lumbar tissues. 

The seminar format will include lecture, hands-on-lab, and actual patient treatment demonstrations. The lecture will present cutting-edge spine research and clinical outcome reports. Lab time will concentrate on how to perform quick and easy cervical and lumbar examination techniques, simple and effective pain relieving exercises, and pain preventing postural corrections to maintain relief.

Several volunteer audience members currently experiencing headache, migraine, sinus, TMJ or facial pain, shoulder blade, shoulder, arm, or hand pain/numbness & tingling, low back or buttock/hip pain, will be examined and treated in front of the audience. These demonstrations show how safely and quickly symptoms can be reduced or abolished.

By applying the proven effective pain relieving exercise and postural corrections just a few minutes per day, at home and at work, you will keep pain provoking spinal stresses at bay. Both dental professionals and patients seeking relief can be aided by these safe and simple spine techniques and strategies.  

Pain conditions amenable to the contents of this seminar include the following;
Headache, migraine, TMJ pain, orofacial pain, clenching, bruxism, trigeminal neuralgia, tinnitus, sinusitis, unexplainable tooth pain, neck, shoulder, mid-back and scapular pain, trigger points, numerous upper extremity pains including shoulder “bursitis”, “rotator cuff” pain, “frozen shoulder”, elbow “tendonitis”, numbness and tingling in the hand and fingers including carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, sciatica, various pains in the buttock, hip, SI joint, knee and foot including numbness and tingling, foot “neuromas” and persistent “plantar fasciitis”. 
Dental Seminar

Stop Your Own Pain!
New Evidence-Based Solutions for 
Spine Pathology Referring Symptoms to 
the Head, Face, Neck & Back Among 
Dental Patients and Practitioners

Program Outline
 8:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

REGISTRATION    8:15 - 9 a.m.

   * Welcome & introduction
   * Cervical Anatomy & Pathophysiology
   * The Trigeminal Nerve & Cervical Spine Connection
   * Head & Neck Biomechanics
   * Ground-breaking Research  
   * "Centralization" - the Predictable Abolishment of Pain
   * Pain Relieving Exercise Programs (PREP)
   * Clinical Outcomes Report on Dental Patients
   * Intro. to Cervical History & Physical Exam.
   * Audience Member Demonstrations
        1.)  Treatment of a Headache (H/A)
        2.)  Treatment of Arm & Hand Pain/Numbness & Tingling
        3.)  Treatment of Midback/Shoulder Blade Pain
   * Lab - Partner Cerv. Exam for H/A, Midback, or Arm & Hand
   * Q & A

LUNCH (provided)  12 -1 p.m.

    * Audience Member Demonstrations
        4.)  Treatment of Unexplainable Tooth Pain
        5.)  Treatment of TMJ Pain
    * Lab - Partner Cerv. Exam for Tooth, TMJ or Facial Pain
    * Audience Member Demonstrations
        6.)  Treatment of Unresponsive Pain
        7.)  Treatment of Unresponsive Complex Pain 
    * Lab - Partner Cerv. Exam for Unresponsive Pain
    * Designing Pain Relieving Programs for Home & Work
    * Prevention Strategies
    * Posture Corrections - Sitting, Standing, Lying & Sleeping
    * Intro. to Lumbar History & Physical Exam.
    * Audience Member Demonstrations
        8.)  Treatment of Low Back Pain &/or Leg Pain
    * PREP & Posture Corrections for the Low Back & Leg Pain
    * American Headache Inst. - Clinical Outcomes Report

END  4:00 p.m.

Angelo DiMaggio, physical therapist, has been in practice for over 35 years, the past 30 of which have been focused exclusively to the treatment of spinal pain. Mr DiMaggio is a nationally renowned spine consultant and lecturer. Through major medical centers and universities he presents a new system of spine care which he developed. With his series of six spine seminars, 4 of which are devoted exclusively to the cervical spines ability to produce headache, TMJ and orofacial pain, he has conducted over 600 seminars to more than 10,000 medical professionals and physicians.

As CEO and founder of the American Headache Institute - Head, Neck, & Facial Pain Treatment Center in Rochester Hills, Mi., his practice has followed his passion for helping those who suffer from head, neck and facial pain. Since opening his practice, Mr. DiMaggio has presented his cervicogenic approach to head and facial pain in a 1-3 hour presentation at a number of dental study club and society meetings, including the MDA Annual Session in May of 2014. Over 1,000 dentists, hygienist, and oral surgeons in southern Michigan who attended this presentation have gained a new understanding of the role spinal pathology plays in the production of various pain conditions in their patients, their staff, and themselves.

Mr. DiMaggio’s spine care system assists dental care aimed at relieving TMJ and orofacial pain and is being used by medical centers and pain clinics nationwide. 
Upon completion of this course participants will;

Be up-to-date on cutting edge cervical spine research for the production of headache, migraine, TMJ and facial pain.

Have a clearer understanding of cervical neuroanatomy, pathology, and biomechanics as they relate to TMJ, tooth and facial pain.

Appreciate the safe and effective application of cervical & lumbar biomechanics through posture correction and movement analysis with live patient demonstrations.

Understand the importance of committing a few minutes per day to prevent potential career-ending stress forces to the neck and low back which are innate to caring for dental patients. 

Relieve your pains and those of your lab partner in minutes.

Be able to construct and individually design specific pain relieving exercise programs, posture corrections, and spinal strategies to relieve your own pain(s) or those of your patients.

Understand and use a documentation system designed to objectively quantify your pain reduction.

Realize that the cervical spine can produce headaches, migraines, TMJ pain, trigeminal neuralgia, unexplainable tooth pain, clenching, tinnitus, sinusitis, mid-back, scapular, shoulder, arm, elbow and wrist pain with numbness and tingling, including “carpal tunnel syndrome”.

Realize that the lumbar spine can produce low back pain, sciatica, buttock, hip, SI joint, hip, knee and foot pain including “plantar fascitis”, and how to effectively relieve them.

Be able to conduct a 2 minute cervical history & examination which can help you reveal a dental patient’s cervical involvement.

Course Objectives
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Dental Seminar - One Day 
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Upon registration, a letter of confirmation including hotel information and a map of the conference area will be sent.  Includes coffee & rolls, breaks, handouts, seminar manual, and a documentation system to objectify pain relief.

Certificates of attendance will be given to all participants at the conclusion of the seminar and may be used for those who need CE verification.  The American BackPain Center is an approved provider of dental education by the Michigan Board of Dentistry (approval # 299150025). This seminar is intended for dentists and hygienists only.

For lab practical sessions, it is best to wear a shirt or sweater that has a low or scooped neck to expose the lower cervical spine. 

Refunds will be given, less a $25 administrative fee, if written notice  is received no later than 14 days prior to the start of the seminar.  An email to is an acceptable notification.

The American BackPain Center reserves the right to cancel any course at any time up to 7 days prior to the course starting date.  We are not responsible for airline ticket purchases or any other expenses incurred as a result of a course cancellation.

CE Credits 
Michigan Board of Dentistry appoves 6 CE Credits, including Michigan's one hour pain management.
The MDA designates this activity for 6 CE credits, including Michigan's one hour pain management. 
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Call Johanna Baartmans 
(248) 601-9207 ext. 9960

Seminar Venue
for both dates

ConCorde Inn of Rochester Hills
Forestre Banquet Center
  1919 Star Batt Drive   Rochester Hills,  48309
(248) 670-4492
Our day of learning, and relieving pain, will take place in the elegant atmosphere of the Forestre Banquet Center at the ConCorde Inn of Rochester Hills.This beautiful and spacious venue gives us plenty of room for comfortable seating and practicing our lab techniques.

Lunch is included and will be provided adjacent to our classroom setting to avoid having to leave the property.
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Date to Attend:  APRIL 29  or  SEPT. 30

“Extraordinary how much relief my colleagues and I attending today got with such simple exercises". 

“I’m so glad I came. Learned plenty to help myself and others. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”!! 

“Thank you! I feel very confident to go back home and treat my own head and neck/back.  I am very excited to 
work with my patients also”.  

“The whole seminar was awesome. Best seminar 
I’ve been to in years!

“This could be life changing”