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Treatment, Education, and Research of the Spine

For questions regarding any of our seminars, please click on the seminar below.  This will take you to our seminar page listing all seminar dates, locations, contacts, and phone numbers.
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Regarding Seminars
For medical practitioners in the United States recognized by the American BackPain Center as being properly trained in the Strategic Orthopedics Spine System of evaluation and treatment of low back and neck pain, click here on Experienced SO Practitioners List for a complete state by state listing.
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Regarding Treatment for Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, TMJ Pain, Facial Pain, or Migraines of Any Type
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Regarding Seminar Co-Sponsorship
For medical practitioners interested in bringing a Strategic Orthopedics Spine System seminar or seminar series to their clinic, call us directly to inquire.  Co-Sponsorship is an excellent way to offer your staff in-house continuing education at a terrific savings.  And best of all, there is no financial output on your end and no financial risk should a seminar cancel.  Our Co-Sponsorship is financially risk free to you, grants you free tuitions for your staff, and requires a very minimal amount of your time and involvement.  We do the time consuming tasks and we take all the financial risks.  Many of the Co-Sponsors listed are repeat sponsors and would be happy to discuss their first hand experience in hosting one of our seminars.  Feel free to call any of them at any time.  If you would like further details please call us at  (586) 716-2937.
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Regarding Private Clinical Consultation
For medical practitioners trained in the Strategic Orthopedics Spine System of evaluation and treatment of spinal pain by completing attendance at SO I, SO II, or SO III, the ultimate, individualized level of education is available.  If you are interested in knowing more about how private clinical consultation iny our clinic works, click here on Strategic Consultation for further details.

LUMBAR - S.O. I (click for more seminar info. & registration)                                                                                  
CERVICAL / THORACIC - S.O. II Fast Track   (Prerequisite – NONE) (click for more seminar info. & registration)                                                            
MIGRAINE - S.O. III   (Prerequisite – S.O. Course II)  (click for more seminar info. & registration).   

VESTIBULAR - S.O. IV   (Prerequisite - NONE) (click for more seminar info. & registration)                                                                        

DENTAL SEMINAR - STOP YOUR OWN PAIN!   (Prerequisite - NONE)   (click for more seminar info. & registration).