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Who Developed Strategic Consultation?

Strategic Consultation was developed by Angelo DiMaggio PT, Dip. MDT, Physical Therapist and President of American BackPain Center, Inc.  As an internationally known clinician and lecturer, Mr. DiMaggio has presented at national and international spine conferences, conducted more than 350 spine seminars and instructed more than 8,000 therapists and physicians.

As a clinical consultant, he has spent more than 15 years working “One-on-One” with clinicians throughout the US and Canada refining their use of mechanical therapy for the purpose of resolving their most complex and unresponsive spinal pain patients.

Fifteen years of follow-up results have shown that more than 50% of these complex cases experience a significant or complete alleviation of all symptoms.  Clients include such notable spine centers as the Texas Back Institute, PRIDE (Productive Rehabilitation Institute of Dallas for Ergonomics), the Cleveland Clinic, the Fort Worth Back Institute, and the Canadian Back Institute (over 40 clinics nationwide).
What Is Strategic Consultation?

Strategic Consultation is a highly specific, advanced level of continuing education using the American BackPain Center’s Strategic Orthopedics approach to spinal pain.  It is a “One-on-One” learning experience between consultant and clinician.  The consultation takes place in your clinic, on your patients.

This unique instructional format was developed for the clinician determined to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time using the Strategic Orthopedics Spine System.  It is individually tailored to the specific uncertainties and misunderstandings of each clinician.

Once problem areas have been identified and corrected, new found results can be dramatic and immediate.  This clinical experience is reserved for only those who have attended any of the American BackPain Center’s post-graduate seminars;  Strategic Orthopedics I (Lumbar), II (Cervical / Thoracic), or
III (Migraine/TMJ).
How Strategic Consultation Works

Patients selected to participate should be one of three types;

1. INITIAL EXAMINATION - Patients who will undergo a complete initial examination using the American 
   BackPain Center Examination Form. 
2. Re-EXAMINATION - The above mentioned patient will return for a re-examination using the American
   BackPain Center Re-Examination Form.
3. COMPLEX CASES - Patients who appear unresponsive or have only partially responded to your previous     treatment efforts.
1. Initial Examination
For patients who will undergo a complete initial examination.  This is a most important area to cover.  Your ability to question patients properly and interpret their response, record data correctly, perform physical tests, draw appropriate conclusions, and prescribe appropriate treatment programs are all covered here.
As you work with your patient the consultant sits quietly aside taking two sets of notes.  One set pertains to your performance, the other pertains to the patient’s presentation.  The consultant will seldom if ever interrupt you during your examination but you can confer with him at any time.
You will have 1 hour to complete your examination and the consultant will then have 15 minutes with the patient after you have finished.
The total amount of time with this patient will be 1 hour 15 min.

2. Re-Examination
Patients who we perform an initial examination on will return for their follow-up visit the next day.  Since every visit after the initial one is a re-examination, errors made here can be frequent and costly.  It is imperative that the “classic” follow-up visit consisting of vague, subjective, inconsistent lines of patient questioning be replaced with clear, objective, consistent lines of questioning.  And the “classic” illegible, inconsistent, and unorganized methods of documentation be replaced with legible, consistent, and well organized documentation.
By insuring your conversion to this data  collection process, you position yourself for accurate and effective clinical decision making with every patient, on every visit.  Relying on clear, organized, objective data can make all the difference.  The daily re-examination process is the single  most important aspect of spinal care thereby making it the single greatest opportunity for enhanced success. 
As with the Initial Examination, the consultant will sit quietly aside taking two sets of notes.  You can confer with him at any time.  You will have 30 minutes to complete your re-examination and the consultant will then have 15 minutes with the patient after you have finished.
The total amount of time with this patient will be 45 min.

3. Complex Cases
Complex cases are the cornerstone upon which the Strategic Orthopedics treatment system is built.  Bring out your most challenging, perplexing, unresponsive patients.  If any measurable improvement can be brought about in a case such as this, the treatment procedure or strategy which is responsible will be forever etched in your memory!  As a result, you are unlikely to forget this treatment option for future patients.
This consult begins by reviewing the chart of your complex case.  We will do this privately together for 30 minutes.  After the chart review we will then see the patient together.  This requires another 30 minutes.  At the end of this time the consultant will instruct the patient in a home treatment program.  The patient must return within 24-48 hours for a scheduled re-examination so we can assess any positive changes which may have occurred.
The total amount of time with this patient will be 1 hour.

Consultant's Feedback

Feedback to the participants takes place in two ways;

1. One-on-One
Immediately following all patient consults (Exam., Re-Exam., and Complex Cases) the clinician and consultant will go to a private office to discuss the case and the clinician’s performance.  At this time, immediate and confidential feedback is given regarding the clinician’s strengths and weakness’ in applying the Strategic Orthopedics system.
A plan to correct any weakness is detailed at this time.  It is essential that the feedback session immediately follow the patient session so that important details of the case will not be forgotten.
A 30 minute block of time is required for all One-on-One feedback sessions.

2. Group
When two or more clinicians are involved, 1-3 hours should be set aside at the end of the last day for an informal discussion of the cases which had been presented.  In this way, each participant can learn considerably more by hearing the problems and solutions of the other participant’s patients.  As a department, your group’s strengths and weakness’ can be summarized and discussed making all who participated aware of common problems in applying the Strategic Orthopedics system.  As a result, your group is now in position to remedy problems which exist within the department.  This process can be the beginning of a check and balance system which can greatly lessen the likelihood of repeating the same mistakes.

Group feedback is a unique opportunity to initiate a more unified  “team” approach to your clinic’s treatment of spinal disorders.  In addition, Group feedback time can also be used as a Q & A session for questions pertaining to material presented at the Strategic Orthopedics - Lumbar Course 1.

Participant's Feedback

“I was so impressed with Mr. DiMaggio’s course instruction that I retained him for private clinical consulting, working with difficult clients at the Canadian Back Institute.  His attention to detail in evaluating and treating patients made a tremendous difference in the patients we saw.  I changed my practice pattern as a result of his coaching and began to see that excellent patient results were easily attainable with the specific methods that Angelo teaches!”
Tony Melles - President
The Canadian Back Institute
(over 40 clinics nationwide)

“As a consultant to my corporation, Angelo DiMaggio spent a few days with me examining my most difficult patients.  The type of patients I receive in my chronic pain practice are the worst of the worst.  In about 85% of the patients he was able to give me invaluable tips to turn them into successes.  I can highly recommend spending a few days with him.  He is an excellent, highly organized teacher from whom you will learn, learn, learn!”
Joseph A. Kleinkort  MA, Ph.D., PT
Chronic Pain Associates - San Antonio, Tx.

“Angelo DiMaggio’s consultation mechanism offered a unique continuing education opportunity.  Our staff received individualized guidance for evaluation and treatment skill enhancement.  His group summation provided input that was both staff and site specific making this process truly ‘clinically applicable’.”
Brian Borchardt  PT, OP Supervisor
St. Elizabeth Hospital - Appleton, Wi.

When compared to a continuing education seminar;

• No lost patient revenue which occurs when staff attend a seminar.
• Patients in consultation can be billed for their tx. sessions.
• No disruption in the continuity of patient care.
• You learn on your own back pain patients - To our knowledge, no other educators offer such an  
  opportunity   making this a truly unique, highly specific and unparalleled educational format.
• Pinpoints and corrects the specific  misunderstandings and clinical errors of each clinician and the  
  department as a whole.
• A valuable Marketing Tool - While most clinics send their staff to cont. ed. seminars, how many of your 
  competitors have obtained the services of a Spine Consultant?  Physicians and third party payers should 
  be made aware of the extent to which you are willing to go to improve your quality of spinal care.

A flat fee of $1,500 per day with a two full day minimum is required.  A full day is 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. with a 1 hour lunch break.  Additional time can be added to a full day at a rate of $200 per hour.  All consultant expenses are included.
4 Staff Attending A
3 Day Seminar

Hotel  $210
Transp.      $  30
Meals        $100
Tips           $   5
Tuition       $540

            TOTAL    $1,155 per person
4 Staff Participating In A 3 Day Strategic Consultation

Flat Fee$4,500
Expenses     $      0
Lost Income  $      0


                 TOTAL    $1,125 per person
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