About Us
American BackPain Center
Treatment, Education, and Research of the Spine

The American BackPain Center is an 
Education, Treatment, and Research center, 
solely committed to improving medicine's conservative 
treatment of spinal disorders.  
This includes;  

Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Headache (including migraines of all types)
Jaw Pain (Temporomandibular Joint - TMJ)
Under the direction of physical therapist Angelo DiMaggio PT, Dip. MDT, the American BackPain Center conducts a series of spine care seminars for medical professionals.  The seminar series is titled, Strategic Orthopedics; How To "Out-Think" & "Out-Maneuver" Spinal Pain and is co-sponsored and hosted by major medical centers and universities around the country.  

New to medicine (1997), Strategic Orthopedics offers a stark alternative to medicine's conventional approach to spine care.  A comprehensive integration of past and present spine research is the hallmark of this examination and treatment system.  And, for the first time, the proven effective treatment concepts routinely used in "Sports Medicine" have now been added to spine care.

All who have been trained know that this evidence-based system requires practitioners to educate, motivate, and empower all patients to be the primary source of their own care, while patients have the right to expect immediate, predictable, and lasting results. 
over  2,500 
medical practitioners 
have been trained in the 
Strategic Orthopedics Spine System 
Collectively, their post-seminar critiques 
reflect their overwhelming approval of this new, 
evidence-based, multidimensional system of spine care with an ten year total score of
...and here's why.
The American BackPain Center is the only facility of its kind offering both patients and medical practitioners a complete conservative spine care "system" containing the following exclusive treatment options not found elsewhere;
Over 40 low tech., Pain Relieving Exercise Programs (PREP's) designed to eliminate pain and other related symptoms the moment the patient uses them.
Ten (10) new Treatment Strategies designed to out-think spinal pain.
Individually Tailored (not generalized) Trunk Strengthening Exercises whose purpose is to immediately relieve symptoms the instant the patient applies them.
The exciting opportunity to apply the histological advantages of Wolf's Law (previously only applied to the extremity joints) to recovering spinal pain patients through a unique application of a gradual, progressive, tissue strengthening exercise program.
A 100% commitment to Empower Every Patient to;
* Stop their own pain.
* Improve their own function.
* Monitor, record, and report their objective improvements daily.
* Remain vigilant through the final strengthening stages of treatment   
 with the systematic application of Wolf's Law.
* Remain motivated throughout the course of treatment with the help of 
 trained practitioners armed with confident reassurance, convincing                explanations, and backed by daily objective findings.
Scientifically Supported Examination and daily Reexamination process.
A one-of-a-kind, scientifically based, Documentation System that creates daily, empirical data collection which can be compared from day to day to quantitatively measure improvements in functional gains and symptom reduction.

what have 
you learned about us?
Hopefully you've learned that, thanks 
to the more than 2,500 medical practitioners 
who entrusted their education to us, we are enthused
and more confident than ever.  Their post-seminar scores, written comments, and letters sent months and years  
after taking our seminars explaining their 
new-found results with spinal pain 
patients, have far exceeded 
any expectations we had 
prior to launching 
the system in 
We encourage you to read for yourself the feedback we have received in so many forms.
Click on any of the feedback links listed below;
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